Sunday, November 22, 2009

Drugstore Finds

Hi Everyone!

I haven't done a blog post in awhile and everytime I do, I feel like it's always about a sale I have going on. Well, this time it's not a sale but a haul[of course] and if you know me well, I always love bargain shopping and good deals. So I went to the Rite Aid today after a long hard day of work, and I bought four items for $9.00 including tax. The first two items I bought are from Wet N Wild. I'm not sure if any of you have noticed but I am buying a lot of Wet N Wild products lately(you might notice this if you watch me on youtube). Anyway...I also bought two sets of false nails from Nailene. The Wet N Wild nail products are BOGO50%. I thought the false nails were also BOGO50% but the lady actually charged me for a BOGOFree. So I was really happy about that.

Wet N Wild Wild Shine nail color in Sparked 435G

usually priced at $0.99

Wet N Wild Mega Last quick dry/ultra gloss Top coat

Usually priced around $1.99(different from the $0.99 one)

Nailene Couture fake nails set in Silver Orchid

All the items I bought from Rite Aid

Not bad for a first timer ^_^

Nailene Couture Fake nail set in Platnium[The ones I have on right now]

Ok so the nail sets are both medium length and square shaped but I filed them so they didn't look as akward on me. Even though the nails are "medium" length, they're pretty short for me but I like it that way. I still want to be able to type (like right now xD) and do other things. I also don't want these nails to affect me during work and school. The nails aren't long enough to hurt when you curl your hand into a fist so it's good for writing.
The package of false nails include:
  • 24 Nails (12 sizes)
  • 0.07 oz(2g) Glue
  • Manicure Stick
  • Buffer

I can't do a full review on these nails yet because I just put them on today. I will keep you all updated though. ^_^ Hope you guys like these kind of blog posts. Feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think. Thanks!


  1. Its the different one and amazing thinking. I have not this type of naily. I wants it before this Christmas.. Thanks for sharing.

    dsi r4

  2. Hmm..I'd have to say...after using these I'm really not a fan of artificial nails. It's just my own opinion and I hated how some food or gunk would get stuck in my nails. It was also a HUGE PAIN to get the glue off my nails. Blah! and the glue didn't have a very good hold for the nails. Id say probably try the revlon runway collection.