Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update and College!

Oh man...so it's been awhile since I've posted anything on youtube or even on this blog but I wanted to fill you all in on my life these past few days/week. I moved in to college on Aug. 29th, 2010, on a Sunday. Let me just start off by saying I forgot to pack A LOT of things and had very few items with me. I hardly brought anything and I totally regret it because I didn't have the chance to go back home this weekend.

When I first moved in, my room looked like a mental hospital. I swear by it, no lies. It has white walls, white tiled floors, everything empty, huge heavy doors (that slam and is a huge pain in the butt in the morning). I also thought that the bed was super high and small compared to my full size at home. It was also VERYYY hot!! I thought the dorms would have AC but apparently not! grrr...Well that's just a brief description I guess, I'll try to do a room tour asap.

I was afraid of what my roomie would be like but she's a very sweet girl and also fun to be around. I'm glad things worked out between us and that I didn't have any problems with her because changing roommates are a pain! I met A LOT of people and it's really fun. I have never texted so much in my life.

Speaking of texting btw...So as most of you know i'm still using my crappy flip phone(Motorola razr) and it's definately not working out with the whole texting thing. So I decided to buy a used phone from ebay and guess what I bought? My good old Blackberry curve 8900. Some people hate it but I honestly don't find it bad at all, especially for texting. I'm not really the touch screen txting type of person. As far as the iphone 4 goes, the AT&T plan for it was just not reasonable to me, especially if I were to get unlimited txting(which I'm going to need).

I also thought that I would carry a purse or tote in college...yea completely wrong about that. I would recommend a backpack now since laptops are heavy. I also fell back in love with my Vera Bradley all in one wrislet. Almost EVERY girl on campus has one and it's pretty much all we take. The most important things that I carry and must have on me at all times is my ID and my room key. If I forgot those, life would suck.

There were so many events and activities on campus for the first week and a half. I watched Shutter Island at my school with friends, a talent show, and a comedian. Then there's a floor party tonight and a hypnotist tonight too. Bingo's tomorrow and then that's pretty much it. Classes have started so now college is a bit more serious than the first week(of course)

I don't really know how I feel about all my classes yet since it's only been a few days and I haven't even had one of my classes yet. I only have a total of four but I hate when the class is 2 hours long...

That's pretty much it. I think once things settle down and I've memorized my schedule and adjusted i'll start being more active. My times are a little messed up right now. =)

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  1. Hi, Shay - you know, I've never gone to college, BUT I have visited alot of people who live in college (in addition to watching college dorm tours) and that's pretty much the standard architecture - and for what you pay?! They shouldn't be suprised when so many kids move off-campus! Interesting about the backpack and the wristlet deal! And sorry you forgot so many things!! One guru said she brought everything EXCEPT her underwear ;0 and she had to do emergency shopping! so - you're not alone!!!