Thursday, September 23, 2010

College week 4, PINK SALE!!!!

College has been alright lately. Politics has been sooo boring. I'm actually typing this as i'm in class(so bad, I know!). Writing class has been hectic and pretty stressful. I had gone to "casino night" last night and it was fun. No money was required or gambling. The chips were worth raffle tickets but there wasn't very good prizes. The only prizes I was interested in were the $50 Target giftcard and a basket full of my school's goodies(t-shirt,mug,sweatpants).

I've been eating very healthy lately but unfortunately haven't made the time to work out. I do dance club every mondays and so far that's been my only exercise. I have been eating breakfast every morning and I honestly feel like it has curved my appetite and helped me not eat so much during the day and to keep me awake during class(I have all morning classes).

Speaking of working out, I have been obsessing over Victoria Secret PINK Yoga Pants. They are actually having a sale on the website right now. I don't know when it ends. They usually retail for $36.50 but they're now on sale for $25. I went a little overboard and bought 3 pairs on their website and I also bought 2 pairs of yoga pants from Forever21 for $8.50 each. They ones from F21 aren't that bad. They seemed to have fit me nicely and I needed to use them while the ones from VS came in. BTW, The sale is only available online and not in stores(I learned this the hard way). Victoria secret is also having a 7 for $25 undies sale over at PINK. If you join and become a PINK nation member you get a coupon and get 8 for $25. It's completely free to join so I would recommend it. =)

I promise i'll do a haul soon and more blogs so bare with me peeps! =)

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