Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday! (Asian Style)

Hey guys! It's been awhile since i've blogged but I just wanted to let you know what i've been up to. Today's easter sunday so Bo and I had the day off (thank god) we've been working our butts off lately. We decided to just hang out today and we went to this sushi restaurant that he used to work at. So here are pictures of the food to make you guys hungry LOL

Of course, you have to start off with some miso soup!

I ordered two "combo's" so I got a soup and a salad. The ginger dressing is home made so it was really good and fresh.

Bo ordered Beef fried a japanese sushi restaurant. LOL but he loves it! and I admit, it was really good.

I ate Udon! (of course) It's called Nabe Yaki Udon so it had seafood in it like shrimp, scallops and imitation crab. The soup is delicious too!

Then of course, you can't go to a sushi restaurant without having some sushi! So Bo ordered Spicy yellowtail roll and ?? I forget lol It had cream cheese in it

I LOVE UNAGI!! (BBQ Eel) I had Eel Avacado and Spicy Salmon. :)

This is totally random but I brought my teddy bear Toushie with us just for fun. He's so cute! LOL

Bo and Toushie driving...Don't try this at home kids!

LOL thank god it wasn't a dog or cat...

hahah Bo was having fun

Yay! It was a fun and relaxing day.

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